Understanding that violence and abuse affects the whole person, The Bridge’s services and programs are offered to help our clients heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The agency’s philosophy focuses on empowering women and children to make healthy decisions to lead productive lifestyles. A significant portion of the staff has been trained on the Brazelton Touchpoints approach, an ongoing, reflective practice and professional development approach to effective client-staff communication. This method equips the direct services staff with the ability to enhance the competence of parents and build stronger family-child relationships, laying the foundation for the healthy development of their children.

All programs are offered, without being mandatory.

We empower clients to make their own choices and we honor those choices.

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A child's outstretchd hands - as if asking for money


Community support, in the form of monetary and item donations, is an integral element of Bridge funding. Learn how to donate to The Bridge.