What Your Gift Benefits

Individual contributions, no matter the level, benefit The Bridge’s ability to offer life-changing programs to southeast Harris County’s women, men and children in crisis. From utilities to education materials to salaries for hotline staff, your gift will fund an integral aspect of The Bridge. The following outputs demonstrate the volume of service The Bridge was able to provide in 2013 due to our generous funders and individual donors like you.

Emergency Shelter provided:

  • 504 women + 564 children = 1,068 Days of Shelter
  • 23,239 Long-term Shelter Housing
  • 57 women + 96 children = 153 Case Management Participants (Resident)
  • 419 Case Management Participants (Non-resident)
  • 592 Non-resident Assessments (In addition to case management)
  • 462 Hotline Calls
  • 7,118 Hotline Recipients (Family members benefiting)
  • 11,817 Support Group Participants 315 Accompaniments (Medical, Legal, Other)
  • 260 Persons Attending Education Programs.